Friday, July 08, 2005

I was in a tube station somewhere under Oxford Street when a voice came over the PA system to announce that London had won the competition to hold the 2012 Olympic Games. Less than two hours later, newspaper boys were handing out copies of the Evening Standard, which carried the banner headline along with pictures of the celebration from Trafalgar Square. Now that’s turn-around time, especially since I headed to Trafalgar square as soon as I could after a class meeting at the Tate Modern, and got there barely in time to see the maintenance men dredging the last of the confetti from the bottom of the fountains.
At least I was closer to the action this time than I was with Live 8. Third-event-of-massive-world-interest-to-be-coincidently-happening-in-the-country-I’m-currently-residing-in is a charm.


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