Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It figures that just after completing the eblogger set up, the party of six making hostel reservations on the computer across from me would leave, thus ending my justification to procrastinate from a paper about class and gender in 1960's Swingin' London. I hate writing about class and gender, but I especially hate the computer lab, so this whole experience is very negative.

However, the reason I'm here right now (the paper isn't due for a full week!) is because I'm leaving on Friday for Pamplona, Spain to check out the Festival de San Fermin...more commonly referred to as the Running of the Bulls. It promises to be quite the adventure, especially given that I'll have no place to sleep Friday or Saturday night--unless my new buddy from South Carolina (an engineering and spanish double major) can either build us lodging, or use the native toungue to talk our way into crashing with some other backpackers. This assumes again however, that he makes it to pamplona in the first place, given he currently lacks bus or train reservations that will get him there from valencia.

Wish us both luck, especially because we're bringing our running shoes.

If I had started this written record of my summer travels last week as intended, I would have written about walking 10 miles in London rain, nearly having my ass kicked by some asshole english guys at a Brighton club, or how great it was to be having a fourth of July BBQ on English soil and then heading over to one of the pubs on campus for a drunken rendition of the star spangled banner. We hit all the high notes.


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