Friday, August 19, 2005

Washing away california

We'll all be out by 10 a.m. Saturday morning. I'll be spending the day in London, the night at Stansted airport, then taking off to Italy early Sunday morning.

This morning, the sky got darker as the sun came up, as it only seems to be able to do in England. I'd upload a picture from my bedroom window of the approaching blackness, but it's raining too hard for me to justify a walk across campus to the better-equipped computer lab.

Hopefully I'll be able to update with words and pictures as I make my way through Italy and France over these next two weeks. I envisoned this blog to be updated far more regularly over the past eight weeks, but inconvinent internet access, a greater than expected load of course work, and the temptation for drifting toward meladrama kept me away. I also got a little carried away with writing about Pamplona. There's still one more part I'd like to finish, which I'll bang out when I get back to the states (Sept. 5th ish), but I'm sorry I didn't take any time to write about Dublin (for a few days there were small traces of blood in my guinness stream), Amsterdam ('Amsterdamage' as it will now be reffered to for reasons involving John's bad trip in the heneiken experience), Brussels (We didn't see much of the city because we were too busy eating waffles, chocolate, and drinking blonde and fruit-flavored beers).

I'm flying to Rome Sunday, but will immeaditely take the train south to Naples, where I'll spend a few days checking out Pompeii and climbing Mt. Vesuvious. I head back to Rome to meet up with Lauren, who I'll be traveling with for the remainder of my trip. Hopefully we'll meet up with Brooke and Jenna who will overlap with us in Rome for a night. From there we head to venice via train, then paris via the mighty ryan air. Somehow we'll get ourselves back to Brighton to pick up our lugage the morning of Sept 5th, before setting off for home later that day.

I'll miss a lot of people here who I likely won't see again, but man, thank heaven (the procrastination gods specifically) for the the facebook. Look me up kids, I'll show you why my school is better than your school, and why you should drop everything and transfer right now. Or I'll just promise you a couch to sleep on when you come through my way.

Sept. 18 I leave for D.C. to learn a whole new city, a whole new job, and meet a whole new building full of interesting people. It's all hard to fathom because I barely feel like I got to know the people I'm with right now (Beside Jenna and Lauren, who kick oh so much ass). After a few days without everyone around though, I'm sure my body will remember it needs the stress, and I'll be ready to do it all again.

pictures: more to come later today if it ever stops raining


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